Performance boost: 8 truck parts and accessories you never thought of

Regarding truck parts and accessories, minor details can often play a very important role in the overall performance of your vehicle. Typically, most drivers believe that a serious upgrade presupposes a new exhaust system, or brakes, or engine modifications. However, it is not always so. Therefore, CARiD decided to pay your attention to some seemingly less important, and significantly more affordable, details that can still boost your truck performance and improve your driving experience.

Truck Accessories

Side mirrors

Driving a truck is obviously different from driving a sports car, which is why mirrors also have a slightly different function. Apart from letting the driver see who is behind him, truck mirrors should allow clear visibility of what is going on with your cargo. That is why it is wiser to use adjustable mirrors that can be extended whenever necessary.

Custom wheels

Of course, factory wheels meet all the necessary standards and requirements, yet it does not mean that you cannot do better. Factory wheel, made from steel or aluminum, will serve you for a quite a while; yet, custom wheels, made of forged alloy will last at least twice as long. All in all, the technology used for the manufacture of custom wheel is superior, as forged wheels can withstand heavy hits and blows.

Off-road lights

It is as well obvious that a bigger vehicle will need more light. In addition, most truck drivers spend a lot of time in the highways and in the countryside, where light is synonymous with safety. Off-road lights can be installed on the roof, or on the bumper; plus, they quite often look nice – just check them out at The direction of light can be adjustable if necessary, which is another advantage in the off-road conditions.

Off-road bumpers

A strong and durable bumper can protect the body of your vehicle from many unpleasant surprises you face on the road. That is why it is strongly advisable to install custom, heavy-duty bumpers. Yes, the installation will require some money. Yet, a sum like this is incomparable with potential leveling and dent repairs.

Bug deflectors

The same goes for bugs. If you want to forget about dents in your truck body once and for all, you might want to consider getting custom bug deflectors. Once again, the investment is minimal, but the result is generally worth it.

Rain guards

Every truck is equipped with a set of factory-made rain guards, but when compared to some custom counterparts, factory parts performance is usually lower. While they will definitely protect your vehicle from the light rain, a real downpour may become a huge problem. So, to make your driving experience nice even in the low weather, new rain guards are a truly nice idea.

Bed extenders

We all know that sometimes there simply isn’t enough space in your cargo compartment. This is particularly frustrating when the lack of space is a rare occasion, and it’s obvious to anyone that a bigger truck is not needed. If you experienced such situations before, think of getting bed extenders to get some extra space for your stuff any time you need it.

Bed Extenders

GPS systems

Finally, if you drive quite often and the road takes you to many places, it would simply be unreasonable to believe that you know every highway and country road in the United States. That is what GPS systems are for – to show you the road when you are lost, and give you directions you might have not thought of by yourself.

As you can see, the cost of every separate upgrade is relatively low. Wheels are, perhaps, the priciest suggestion in this list. However, by installing one or several truck parts and accessories from, you can still boost your car performance and make your driving experience much more enjoyable. And, of course, the exact set of modifications can always be customized to your particular needs.